First-ever Venture Capital Newsletter

The Cass M&A and PE Society of Cass Business School is delighted to present the very first Venture Capital Newsletter.

Since 2017, the society has expanded its field expertise and established a separate Venture Capital (VC) department with a Head of VC. The prerogative being that it is quite different to other types of Private Equity and therefore requires a different approach and focus.

We would like to give keen students the chance to dig deeper into this field and explore it as a career path, and introducing it as a financing option for upcoming Entrepreneurs among the Cass community.

This newsletter will provide students with interesting articles on VC topics, exclusive interviews with Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs, and ultimately the hottest news and trends in the industry.

We hope the reader will find this newsletter informative and enjoyable to read while arousing curiosity.

For further information or enquiries, please reach out to the contact persons at the end of this newsletter.

The Cass M&A and PE Society hope you enjoy the reading and that it provides you with new insight.

Let us get started – take a deep breath and let us immerse ourselves in the world of Venture Capital…

Venture Capital Newsletter

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